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Caribbean Tan launches an innovative Sun Protection and Bronzing range

South Africa's most popular self-tanning product range, Caribbean Tan, has launched a new sunscreen range that protects your skin while it bronzes it for an immediate tanned look. The innovative products mark the end of white streaky sunscreen - and of time wasted by layering different products on your skin before you venture out of the house. The product range includes a sunscreen in a can, a bronzing milk for your body , and a tinted moisturiser for your face. The products also contain tan-enhancing ingredients that make your skin tan faster and so lessen the time you need to spend out in the sun working on your tan.

The products are competitively priced, from R69.95 to R 89.95. They are available from Clicks stores from 15 September 2010.

"At Caribbean Tan we don't encourage sun tanning because of the harmful rays of the sun, but if you are going to be outdoors this Summer use a sunscreen to protect your skin. And if you want a healthy glow use Caribbean Tan's new Sun Protection creams that double up as a bronzer ," says Cindy Nell. "It's an easy way to avoid the 'palest skin on the beach award' in the early days of Summer!"
Protection in a Can Protection in a Can
Sun protection & tan enhancer
SPF 15/ SPF 30

This sun protection spray comes in a SPF 15 factor for olive toned skins and a SPF 30 factor for fairer skin. The aerosol can offers a convenient application method Ė it's the end of messy bottles in your beach bag! The clear spray doesn't only provide sun protection it also has special ingredients that work to tan your skin faster so that you spend less time lying in the sun.
Price: R89.95
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Bronzing Milk Bronzing Milk
Sun protection with instant bronzing & tan enhancer
SPF 15/ SPF 20

This innovative product offers sun protection while giving you an instant bronzed look. Itís perfect for those first few days on the beach after a long winter. Bronzing Milk is available in SPF 20 for fair skins and SPF 15 for more olive toned skins. The Bronzing Milk also contains tan-enhancing ingredients which means your skin tans faster in the sun so you can cut down on your sun time. The bronzer will wash off with water.
Price: R89.95
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Bronzing Moisturiser Bronzing Moisturiser
Sun protection Tinted Facial Moisturiser
SPF 20

The Bronzing Moisturiser is an innovative three-in- one product. Itís a daily moisturising cream. Itís a sun protector with a SPF 20. Itís a bronzer to give you a a healthy Summer glow. Itís the end to layering of products on your face every morning!
Price: R69.95
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Tanning Wipes Tanning Wipes
6 Wipes per Box

The new trend in self tan application. Easy, non greasy application. Portable so you can keep in your bag for touchups. Ideal for your face. Allow 4 - 8 hours for tan to develop. Use Caribbean Tan x-tender products to prolong your tan.
Price: R49.95
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